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  • Companies with the highest levels of diversity (either gender, ethnic, or racial) are anywhere from 15-35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry’s national average (Companies Do Better With Women Leaders (But Women Need More Confidence To Lead Study Says)
  • High-performing businesses tend to have more women in leadership roles: 37% of leaders in higher-performing companies are women, compared to 19% of leaders in lower-ranked companies. (How much does gender inequality cost Canada? $150B, report finds, 2017. CBC News)
  • A 2017 report suggests that steps to decrease gender inequality in the workplace may benefit Canada’s economy by as much as $150 billion by 2026. If the gender gap was eliminated entirely, that number could rise to as high as $420 billion. (Why diversity matters, 2015. McKinsey & Company.)

The International Women’s Day Gala is designed to build confidence, enable networking, and put forth an all-encompassing and empowering mantra that propels the Gala’s vision of supporting and preparing women to pursue their dreams of being in leadership roles.

By partnering with us on the event, you are showing the community your organization’s commitment to gender equality and supporting women across Canada who are, or are on their way to becoming, confident and passionate leaders of our businesses, organizations, governments, schools, and communities. Aligning your organization with the International Women’s Day Women & Wealth Gala will also offer your company excellent exposure through event promotion, advertising, and community engagement.​

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